Extend WiFi Range

5 Most Easy Ways To Extend WiFi Range Of Your Netgear

Slow internet sucks! Everyone is longing for a super-fast internet connection. If you are in dire need of speedier internet, this article is the right way to extend your wifi range.

While wifi signals can be boosted with the use of better cables, internet connectivity, and a good wifi extender  here are some easy ways to speed up your wifi today.

Position Your WiFi router in the perfect spot

Is your router in a closet? Bad placement is it. Electronic devices, walls, even fish tanks can muffle your wifi signals. The best area to place a wifi router is in the center of the home, and rather than setting it on the floor, it is wise to use a table or shelf. Having a wifi router in the open – free from other signal intrusive blockages – helps, as does turning the antennae of the device straight upwards. Therefore, placing the router keeping these factors in knowledge is the optimal way to extend the wifi range of it. If possible, mount your router in the halfway of a wall.

Get a signal booster

If messing with your current wifi router seems of no use, having a range extender positioned in your home can speed up wifi performance. Especially, if your house is large, the probability of having wifi signals in every corner is hard. So, pair your router with an extender that transfers wifi signals into the farthermost areas of your home. You can buy a Netgear extender and make it work by doing Netgear Genie Smart Setup. You can connect the extender to any router, so no compatibility issues. They are commonly easy to set up, use, and able to fill dead zones with wifi signals.

Use a password

Guarding your home wifi network with a secure password can help boost its speed, also giving vital security. It is also good to keep hackers away from the reach of your wifi. So, check what devices are connected with your network at present, more devices using your wifi will slow your wifi speed. If any suspicious connection is found by you, remove its access, and change your password instantly.

Switch Channels

Switching your router’s network to a channel that your neighbors are not using can significantly extend the wifi range of your device. The best channel options are 1, 6, and 11. Change the channel of your extender, if you have, for extending the wifi range. Choose the one with the least interference via mywifiext access.

Firmware update

Does Netgear firmware update on a regular basis sound good to you? Even if not, it is the best way to fix the slow speed issue of a wifi network. If your WiFi is moving at the pace of a snail it may be worth updating the firmware of your device.

If you have tried it all, and still the same slow internet issue is what you see, you can always reach us and ask our technical support executives to fix the slow wifi issues for you.

With the ongoing covid situation, no one is allowing strangers to enter their house, and if you also don’t want to get a fix of slow wifi issue without having a technician physically available at your home, we provide remote support to solve your issues and extend wifi range of your Netgear device in a quicker way.